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December 26, 2013
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APH Elementary (( Contest Entry )) by NerdyJones APH Elementary (( Contest Entry )) by NerdyJones
Raquel why are you so hispter.
no blue,white and red uniform shame on you.

This is my entry for :iconaph-elementary:'s oc contest! 
Raquel is a Latin American country (Mexico) so she is a mall dweller uvu

►Country: Estados Unidos Mexicanos / Mexico

►Full Name: Raquel Aragón Hernández.

 ►Nicknames: Raquel, Mary ,Quita/ Quelita.

 ►Age: 22 -23 (She is a bit older here)

 ►Appearance: petite body, small feet and hands, oval face shape and pear body type.
long,poofy and really curly hair , reddish brown. dark brown eyes, her eyes looks a bit asiatic, but she has double eyelid and they are bigger.
Long eyelashes and a bit thick eyebrows. No Thight gap (even when I draw her with it here whoops), Her skin is soft and a bit oily, dark skin, but still being a little bit lighter than many other latin america countries. long, narrow and hawk type nose, doesn't get tanned easily.

Her eyes express her natural maturity, with a soft and afable expression in her face almost every day.

►Personality: Raquel is the "big sister" type of woman, she is calm and charming, always taking care of the others sometimes she cares more about them than herself. a bit closed minded, people seems her as an old lady. Extremely religious and devotee for others. Submissive and serviceable.
She is a bit loner, being alone doesn't affect her, prefers to spend time with animals or small kids. Her fashion sense explains her natural and simple life style, when some people are arguing or fighting she prefers to keep away, doesn't like to interfere in other people's problems unless they ask for help (Mexican law of no interventionism with the other countries) . 
you can easily have an amuzing and funny chat with her, but at first sign she is a little formal with you.anyway she can familiarize really fast, so this stage doesn't last long.
With close friends she is a bit different, she always tries to protect and give advices to the others like a mother or big sister.  (because she is one of the oldest countries in america), likes to make jokes and make the others laugh.
She is really insecure and has a low self esteem, but usually she doesn't show it and prefers to be the strong woman. she is the empiric type of person, she needs to learn everything in a slow way, or by experience. Likes to give help but doesn't like to be helped a lot.
Can get clueless and clumsy when she is nervious.

►Strengths: • workaholic
 She likes to work, more for others than for herself. doesn't like to sit around and do nothing, she needs to do something or she will feel bad about herself.
she needs to serve people to feel happy and in balance.
She doesn't learn things easily or really fast, but with patience and MUCH  effort she can be really well in almost everything.
she is really persistent she won't give up easily.

devotee and Loyal
 If you're looking for a friend for the rest of your life, she is the perfect one, Raquel won't leave you alone never even when the things are really bad, she'll be there for you. and she doesn't ask something back for this.

Can work alone or with someone else really well.
She is versatile , can work alone really well ,and has enough charms and patience to work with someone else. 
can handle almost every type of person really well.
Maturity, empathic and big golden heart, solidarity and nurturing personality
Has many physical strenght for a small and petite woman, but anyway it is not something special, she can't beat a full male adult.
But probably she can easily beat someone around her height/weight . Sporty and competitive person.

►Weaknesses: She  is really empathic, can pass for a baby cry when the conversation gets really emotional. can handle other person's problems really well but can't deal with hers. Lives with a inferiority complex and she is afraid of the future, she is always looking at the past, laughing or crying about it. 
She feels that everyone is her friend, and sometimes she gets harmed for this, trust in people really easy and sometimes bad people take advance of this.
When she is competitive over sports, she can be a little bit rude and less-polite. doesn't like to ask for help.

►Likes: the nature and animals.
- sing and dance.
-Listening to the old mexican music.
-embroider (She always make her own clothes and jewelry).
- go to the church (yes i am not even kidding about this) .
-Cook and bake
- watch dramas and TV shows a lot.
- Gossip... she is a true gossip girl.

-ask for help
- think about the future.
- being called "old lady" ((even when she is ))
-people underestimating her
-losing games or sports

-she is an artisan, she is really smart with her hands and can create many beautiful things. (dolls, clothes, vases,vessels,shoes,jewelry,tablecloths etc) loves to make small gifts for friends or herself. she can take something ordinary and turn it into a beautiful craft easily.
- Can dance really well, but she doesn't like to dance slow dances-- prefers the cheerful,noisy and fast rythms because they make her happy.
-Hey body is small and doesn't have many body fat, she is elastic and really good with Stunts.
- she also can make shampoo, ointments, creams, medicines with herbals (learned it from her mother /we (mexicans) like to use natural products to heal ourselves but there is people who uses the cchemicals /) .
- Her singing voice is really beautiful, usually has a soft voice but when she sings her voice sounds like Peggy lee's voice.

-She is a master chef, nah jk but, she knows how to cook many things ,but her speciality is the mexican cuisine. (Mexico is the 1st country with the best cuisine, years ago it was Peru, now I really don't know tbh, I think bot are really good, but Mexican is more known worldwide).

►Flaws: Extremely empathic sensitive. low self esteem and  inferiority complex that  contradicts with her extremely competitiviness over sports and her own pride, closed minded and extremely religious, trust in people really easily, people can abuse of her golden heart, Witty can get sarcastic time to time,  She gets stressed really easy, can't handle her own problems but doesn't like to ask for advices, often because she feels she bothers people. a gossip girl she doesn't like to hurt people, but she can't stop when someone start gossiping, she doesn't start the gossip-time (often).
can get violent as a lioness if someone mess with the people she loves.

►Some other info:

- catholic, never laugh about the Virgen de Guadalupe, never . she is really sensitive with her religion.
You'd better not make fun of it or make any coment because she will feel ofended (like most mexicans---err).
-Speak Spanish, but her english is lack and her mexican accent is really notorious when she speaks it.
- If she is excited, she tends to swear a lot ( mexican slangs), she is quite polite when she talks but if you're close to her (and speak spanish)
She'll talk to you just like any other mexican would do. (yes, I am talking about those mexican slangs, güey.).
-Her accent is really different, she doesn't speak like northern or southner person, her accent is like the mexican dubs that are more neutral.
-Her fashion sense is mostly a mix betwen mexican and boho for casual days, but can dress really formal time to time.

ships?: err I don't think so-- she enjoys the romance but probably gets awkard when someone likes her.
probably CubMex or RomaMex is my ship in this?? idek. ships are not really important here tho.

Sadly, Mexico is a excluded country, the south american countries have their own problems, Mexico ignores central american countries (except when the inmigration is there...that's when Raquel gets really angry yo), she is more friend of the northern american countries (Canada and the U.S) , Europe and Asia.
but well let's see---
Cuba : Cuba is an old friend, and Raquel closest friend in this AU. they could know each other since they were kids,
when (prob) raquel was his babysitter or something similar. They are really cheerful and cute with each other, but Cuba gets angry when Raquel gets really submissive with everybody, he complains a lot about this, and tries to protect her from those people who likes to take advance of her, anyway Raquel doesn't like to be protected and this is when the problems start.

Colombia : Colombia is the closest friends Mexico has in south america, along with Brazil, Argentina and Chile.
For some reason Colombia and Mexico are really close culturally, Raquel loves the Colombian dramas, the Cumbia and other colombian rythms,
Mexico has its own Cumbia, that is A mix between Colombian and Northern's rythms, She likes to gossip a lot with Colombia and talking about tv shows.
Probably Colombia can't deal with Raquel's personality (often).

Venezuela : Mexico and Venezuelas relationship is really weird and difficult to explain, sometimes they act like friends and the next day they're hating (this could be like a passive Mexico/argentina relationship)  they have really different points of view ( politics--- Venezuela is against the U.S While Mexico is a ..well you know ). anyway Raquel can handle her really well and she really loves her and will try to protect her ,no matter what.

Ecuador : They are not really close, so probably Raquel treats him with her formal side.

South Italy : Raquel and Lovino are close friends, not as close as Cuba and her, but probably she knows more about him than the other latin countries, Lovino seems Raquel as a loving and nurturing person, and probably the only one who can deal with him (apart from Antonio) .
She likes to talk and spend time with him, and probably he is overprotected, she seems him as her little brother, even when (probably) he is older than Raquel.

Portugal : Raquel will be really REALLY polite and formal with her, as her boss ,older person and someone who doesn't share anything (not even the language) with her.

Mexico (c) Me
APH elementary (c) *melonstyle

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