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October 13, 2013
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APH Mexico OC | The Beautiful World by NerdyJones APH Mexico OC | The Beautiful World by NerdyJones
Ah this is so low quality. I Can't. Okkk so I just did a full reference for Raquel uvu since some people don't understand the outfit or the hair...And Yes! I did some changes. I changed her eye color,yes no more Hazel for you Raquel.
Look it in the good way my darling, more accurate!. And Her Hair got Darker and less reddish (Still reddish- ))

Note: I stole the template for my Bootyful friend Kami, (kamillyanna ) The design was her Idea, all the credits for her!! ♥

Update 10/30/2013 : Added Personality,Appearence, Geography and History! uvu 

Ask account: Ask-MsMexico (Ask her whatever you want! )

Country Information

•Country name : Estados Unidos Mexicanos.
•Capital: Mexico City.
•Languages : Spanish +67 other languages.
• Religion: Roman Catholic
•Birthday: September 16th (Independence's cry)

Human Information

• Human Name: Raquel Aragón Hernández.
•Age: 22 Years old.
• Height: 1,56m. (5'1)
•Weight: 48kg. (She is thin)


[[ Versión en Español acá --->  Personalidad [Long wip] Nombre Humano: Raquel Aragón Hernández
Edad: 22 años
peso: 48 kilogramos
altura: 156 cm ( Le hice un poco más bajita porque busqué algo más y  el promedio NACIONAL  es de 155 lmao,mierda soy un gigante )
Maternal | Alegre | Amable | Paciente | Tradicional | carácter voluble | Compasiva |  Encantadora | Afable |Conservadora | Diplomática | multifacética | Indecisiva |Calmada | Generosa | Romántica | Humilde | Competitiva | testaruda |atlética | de carácter dramático | chismorrera | Olvidadiza | muy religiosa |protectora | Pacífica | Pasivo-Agresiva | Doble cara | Orgullosa | Formal |de muy buenos modales | Trabajadora | Femenina | Coqueta | desconfiada | obsesiva sobre la higiene personal | gran sensibilidad artística | empática | centrada en sí misma | Individualista | aprehensiva | Melancólica | bromista pesada | algo sexista | Cort

| Cheerful | Kind |Patient | Traditional | Moody | soft hearted | charming | Affable |conservative |diplomatic |indecisive |timid | calm |generous |romantic | easygoing | competitive | Old Lady |Sporty | dramatic | cleanholic | Dramatic | Gossip | Poor Memory woman | Religious | Proud | Unlucky | Clueless | Worrier

I buildt her to be a mix between the people temperament + the Government behavior with other nations.

The first thing you will see in her is the fact that she's very kind , Raquel is very easygoing, she loves the good life and food. She always hope for help someone and if you need help she is probably the first there because she is very motherly. Her personality has changed a bit in the last centuries, before the XX century she was much closed and she was more interested in her own problems she was a bit selfish. Loves being at home she spends a lot of time there with her pets and plants.  But when she gets into a party she becomes "Raquel born2party”, when she is with close friends she acts funnier and likes to make jokes and amuse them.  The problems come after the party when she gets drunk and has terrible hangovers.

She acts like a big sister or an Old Lady, but this doesn’t mean she is a leader, actually she is afraid of being the leader, and she gets nervous in the leader position. Because she always tries to be liked by everyone, and she knows that being the leader means she needs to take important decisions that may hurt other people. She is more like the right hand of the leader.
 Other flaw of her is that she is very insecure and indecisive, she can’t take a decision without thinking about it twice, or more times.
She'straditional, religious and conservative most of the time , an animal lover, and is very in touch with the nature, she has many knowledge about Herbology thanks to her mother (the Aztec Empire) she learned everything about Herbs and healing Ointments and she prefers to use natural products. She has this sickly obsession with personal cleanliness she needs to take a shower 7/7 (thanks again, Aztec) . Loves the floral fragrances and perfumes, it is part of her French heritage. Anyway, she is not 100% girly, she is very sporty : loves to watch and  play sports a lot, her favorite sports are martial arts, Boxing, Soccer and baseball.  Sometimes she’s sickly ( due the fact that Mexican economy is really fragile).  She gets sad when her people destroy the nature and usually she is part of the environmental activities. She is a peaceful person, she is against every war (thanks to the trauma she has, because her life has always been very chaotic)  but nowadays she is involved into many strong international (and national)  problems so she is getting more close to the actual definition of “war”.often she looks very pigheaded because she has very strong beliefs about how to live the life. She is in love with the past and the history and she is always searching for her lost past.
 For some reason She is really afraid of the Future, she fears every time she thinks in the future, She feels more comfortable thinking about the past, sadly this means she always get late the news ,technology and everything that makes a country "Updated".
 Some countries don't understand why she is afraid of the future if she has everything to be a rich and novel country. Also she's very superstitious:  she believe in witchcraft, bad luck (she thinks she is an unlucky Country)  and in many strange creatures, Like America she is very involved into the Ovni Stuff. 

 She is a cluelesslady, she easily forget important stuff, even when she tries to don’t do it. People say that she has a poor memory, but the main reason is that she’s a very worrier  person ,and gets deep into her own problems and thoughts that she forgets the world outside her mind. Therefore due her forgetful personality she is not a genius at school (gakuen Hetalia) or driving, to being honest she needs a lot of help to learn something new, but she is very proud to ask for help. She doesn’t like when other countries seems her like a damsel in distress and help . She likes to win and do everything by herself.  She really loves to watch Mexican Operas; but she ends absorbing part of the drama, People close to her know and say she is dramatic . Is one of her flaws  along with the fact that she is a gossip woman


She tends to be discrete and diplomat but at times she is a little bit moody and sensitive. She can get angry easily but she is not violent. She's a friendly and warm country and person (UNLESS YOU ARE SOMEONE WHO SHE DOESN'T LIKE, if it is your case, maybe she won't be kind and peaceful with you, and she would get more sensitive, very rude and maybe she will start to blame you until you admit she is right). She works really hard but no many countries recognize it, they think she is lazy but actually she is just disperse. She likes to do many things at the same time. She’s very devotee, she does everything for the people she loves but sometimes she forgets help herself. Anyways, she is a Traditions-holic, She is never afraid of showing her traditions in every international meet but she knows when to stop (sometimes).

She has a little low self-esteem but she feign she is all right and sometimes acts narcissist just to impose her ego to herself. Other countries seem her as a naïve person, and takes advantage of this. She thinks her people and government are just living today and bringing her to nothing thanks to that, she feels lost sometimes

She's friendly and charming, so probably you will go-down with her charms, she has many friends but usually she loves more animal and pets company. Often she thinks she is a little unlucky
person. But that doesn't affect her humor at all and she is always happy to see and enjoy the life.


Raquel is a petit Mexican woman, she has a long messy and poofy dark reddish-brown hair that likes to fondle when she's nervous. She looks a bit younger than she really is (people usually says she looks like a 16-17 petit teenager when she is 19/20 years old).

Her body type is slim, she's skinny by nature; her mother /The Aztec Empire/ and her people were very skinny and petite, so Raquel inherited her body type from the native people. She has military training (and loves to play sports) therefore her legs and arms are pretty strong for a young and petite lady. Her legs and hips are the biggest parts of her body because all the fat she wins goes there, she doesn’t have thigh gap, but she doesn’t feel bad for this. She's almost everything but tall (157cm --> 5'1'') and has many secret moles in her body, but the most notorious is her beauty mark under her right eye (The state of Veracruz one of the most important states in the country). She has wide hips like almost every Latino girl (at least like a stereotype), small feet and hands with a small waist.

Her hair is long, abundant and a little puffy with messy curls who always bounce with harmony. The color is dark reddish brown or dark brown. Raquel likes to wear it "Naturally" she only lets her hair grow (even her bang but usually it gets curly and it looks shorter than it really is), she’s very careful with it.
She has those shiny, small and a little "Asiatic" dark brown eyes. Her skin is soft and radiant, its color is olive and slightly tanned by the sun and her works outdoors. Thin lips, her nose is narrow, a bit long and Hawkish. She doesn't use too much make-up but likes to use different lipsticks.
Her wardrobe is not very special, but she loves wear comfy clothes, she loves long and fresh skirts with fashionable but conservative blouses, also she loves any kind of dresses or shorts and like almost every woman she loves high heels and every type of shoes.
When she needs to go to world meeting she changes her style and goes very formal.


Mexico, officially called the United Mexican States, is a country located in North America south of theUnited States and north of Belize and Guatemala. It has coastline along the Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico and it is considered the 13th largest country in the world based on area. Mexico is also the 11th most populous country in the world and it is a regional power for Latin America America with an economy that is strongly tied to that of the United States.


“Mexico, contrary to what most people think is not a desert or tropical country. Mexico is a country especially mountainous (almost every state has its own mountain range), The Mexican relief presents three main units: The biggest of all is the Mexican plateau, It occupies the entire northern part of the country,and it is an extension of the American central plains. This planteau has three parts: the northern planteau and the central Planteau. The plateau is framed by the east and west by two large mountain ranges that extend from north to south:.
The second biggest part is the neovolcanic axis, This cuts across the american mountainous structures address extending from west between the pacific ocean and Mexicos gulf .
Mexican rivers are unimportant. Destacable rivers are The Río Bravo in the north (which sets the US-Mexico Border), Panuco river, Papaloapán,Mezcalapa and Usumacinta with Grijalva rivers.”

Source: Gran Atlas Visual: Del cosmos, La Tierra y Mexico. ( In spanish) Page 52

• The main ethnic groups in Mexico are Indian-Spanish (Mestizo) 60%, Indian 30%, Caucasian 9%, other 1%
• The only official language in Mexico is Spanish
• Mexico's literacy rate is 91.4%
• The largest city in Mexico is Mexico City, followed by Ecatepec, Guadalajara, Puebla, Nezahualcóyotl and Monterrey. Note however that Ecatepec and Nezahualcóyotl are also suburbs of Mexico City.


Mexico’s history summarized:
Mexico’s history is divided in many sections to help people to learn it easier and faster.
Prehispanic Mexico
Unlike most people thinks, Mexico didn’t born in this part of the history. Actually before Hernan Cortez’ arrival to Mexico was inhabited by many small villages and just one big empire: The Aztec Empire.  The other biggest cultures died mysteriously before Hernan Cortez’ Arrival. The preshispanic Mexico’s representations are some powerful women and men.
The first important culture was the Olmec Culture. (1200-400 b.C) also known as “The mother culture”.
Representation :
She grew up Alone, because she was the first civilization in Mesoamerica, Not much is known about day she disappeared why? ..Nobody Knows. A Woman in her mid 40’s when she disappeared. Nobody knows much about her, she was sweet but everyone knew she was hiding something.

The Mayans with Palenque (400-800 b.C) until Chichen Itzá (900-1200 a.C)
Aunt Maya
The Mayans were and are one of the most important and famous Mexican prehispanic culture, they descendants still being alive in Yucatan, Quintana Roo and other places in the south of Mexico. They were one of the last cultures to being submitted by the Spaniards because some of them ran into the jungle, they were obligated to emigrate to the north to inhabit the northern states during the Porfiriato, also they were sold as slaves during this era.
Mayans’ representation is a mature woman with a poker face who never expressed any emotion on her face, Was a truly genius and spent most of the time investigating about everything, Mexico didn’t meet her at all, but Aztec did ( barely). Maya was the mother of some central American countries.
Teotihuacan (500-750 b.C)
Grandfather (?) Teotihuacan
This is one of the most mysterious cultures and cities , because no one knows what happened to them, one day they disappeared and nobody knew when or why (they say around the 900 a.C) This culture was a big inspiration for the Aztecs to form their culture. Aztecs thought this abandoned city was the city of the gods before they came. Also, Aztecs used the Teotihuacan’s god: Quetzalcoatl as their own god. Teotihuacan was really close to the Mayans and the Zapotecos.
Teotihuacan’s representation is a powerful and serious man who at first sign was in love with Maya. He disappeared before Mexico’s birth, He is the adoptive father of Aztec (According to her, because she didn’t meet him).

Chichimecas (????- ???? )
Aunt Chichimeca
The chichimecas were all of those indigenous people that lived in the north of Mexico’s valley to the South of the United states. They lived in the arid part of Mexico, they all were gatherers and wild hunters, and they were many different little villages and cultures named under one name because they all were “Savages” next to Mesoamericans cultures.
Representation : Aunt Chichimeca
Chichimec is the BIOLOGICAL big sister of Aztec, and of course a biological aunt for Mexico. *** She appears like an outgoing,wild,sadistic and war-lover strong woman with short reddish hair** who liked to hunt and being around everywhere. I need to highlight the fact that she was the last culture (s) to being submitted by the Spaniards, Spaniards recognized that those indigenous people were very tough and hardcore for them that was because the main characteristic on their culture was the Super appreciation of the meaning of the War. They preferred to die instead of being submitted. In addition, she was the last to die of course.  Mexico (formerly Tenochtitlan) met her really well but just after the Spaniards came, because her mother (The Aztec Empire) was ashamed of her and her savage past, so she didn’t recognize her as her sister.

*** Aztec people emigrated from the north, so they were Chichimecas before.
** chichimecan women could use short hair, and sometimes they liked to dye it red .

Toltec :
Aunt Toltec
The toltecs was a peaceful culture ( “peaceful” next to the warriors cultures) They were more interested in the architecture than the war.  There is no much information about them. They emigrated from the north (that means they were chichimecas too)
Toltec was a full woman in her mid 30’s, she was sweet and kind but she had her bad moments.
Another little sister of Chichimeca, and a Big sister to Azteca (and maybe, along with Teotihuacan, a formerly paternal figure to her).  Azteca admired her a lot, even more than Chichimeca because they were a “cultured” culture. 

Azteca Empire
Mama Azteca
The Aztecs were formerly another chichimeca’s little folk who emigrated from the north to Mexico’s valley. There is a lot of information about them so I don’t think I need to explain them a lot. They were the most important culture in Mexico because they were a mother culture for the Actual Mexico (Along with the Spanish culture ,this culture was the basis for the Mexican general culture and identity).  They were the biggest and most important empire in Mexico too, and when their main city fell (Tenochtitlan,A.K.A Mexico) the Spaniards won over every culture and formed the New Spain. Mexico is proud of the rich culture we inherited from them, for example: our national symbol came from them, is drawn on the flag (The eagle eating a snakeblablabal). Their language is still in use and is the most important indigenous language in Mexico.
Representation :
Mother Azteca was the biological mother of Mexico, (no one knows who’s her father or when did she born) A woman in her mid 20’s (around 25-27 years old) with black, long and straight hair. She started being just another little folk in the Chichimeca’s territory. One day her people decided to emigrate to the south, where she met Teotihuacan (or its ruins) Tolteca,Maya and her new neighbors. She started to build her empire when she was very Young, she grew up very fast so she kept the Childish attitude. She was formerly the Tenochtitlan City, but when she became an Empire she decided to name her daughter (Mexico) under the name of the City, and she came  to be called  as the Aztec Empire.
She was a nurturing but strict mother, she died after Mexico-Tenochtitlan’s fall in 1521 thanks to the Pox.

[[More history in the because it is too much History for one Drawing ]]

International Relationships:

(( want to help me with the relationship?? note me! uvu ))
 North America :
• United States of America | Alfred F. Jones • 
• Canada | Matthew Williams • 


• Cuba • :

• Puerto Rico • :

 Central America: 
• Belize | Costa Rica • :

• El Salvador | Guatemala | Honduras • :

• Nicaragua | Panama • :

 South America :

• Peru • :

• Argentina and Uruguay • :

• Brazil • :

• Chile • :

• Colombia and Venezuela • :


• Spain | Antonio Fernández Carriedo • :

• France | Francis Bonnefoy • :

• Germany | Ludwig • :

• Austria | Roderich Edelstein • :

• Belgium • :

• Hungary | Elisabetha Hedervary • :

• Italy | Feliciano und Lovino Vargas • :

• Netherlands • :

• United Kingdom | Arthur Kirkland • :

• Russia | Iván Braginski • :

• Turkey | Sadiq Adnaan • :

• Ukraine • :


• Middle east • ** :

• China | Wang Yao • :

• the Philippines • :

• Japan | Kiku Honda • 

• South Korea | Im Yong Soo • :

• Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia • :

• Malasya and Indonesia • :

 Africa | Oceania 

Headcanons about Raquel :
//I'll write them on a Journal.

Ohgod this going to be hard to do, but with lucky I'll finish it soon ;v; (as long as the school let me- )

*** NOTE: I said the Middle east because Mexico is not that close to them (along with Africa and Oceania) so, I just...summarized¡??? sorry If "Middle east" is a bad way to name those countries.

credits :

Mexico (c) Me.
Art (c) Me.
Template (c) :iconkamillyanna:
Hetalia (c) Hidekaz.

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