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APH Mexico OC | The Beautiful World by NerdyJones APH Mexico OC | The Beautiful World by NerdyJones
Ah this is so low quality. I Can't. Okkk so I just did a full reference for Raquel uvu since some people don't understand the outfit or the hair...And Yes! I did some changes. I changed her eye color,yes no more Hazel for you Raquel.
Look it in the good way my darling, more accurate!. And Her Hair got Darker and less reddish (Still reddish- ))

Note: I stole the template for my Bootyful friend Kami, (kamillyanna ) The design was her Idea, all the credits for her!! ♥

Update 10/30/2013 : Added Personality,Appearence, Geography and History! uvu 
Update 02/11/2014 : changed main file, updated outfit,personality and gonna write appereance. a Special thanks to a friend of vichi! UvU
Update 08/04/2015 : Changed main file, updated outfit just a bit.still too lazy to write down relationships. when will I no 1 knows.

Ask account: D-iversa (Ask her whatever you want! )

Country Information

•Country name : Estados Unidos Mexicanos.
•Capital: Mexico City.
•Languages : Spanish +67 other languages.
• Religion: Roman Catholic
•Birthday: September 16th (Independence's cry)

Human Information

• Human Name: Raquel Minerva Aragón Hernández.
•Age: 22-23 Years old.
• Height: 1,55m. (5'1)
•Weight: around 50kg. (She is thin)


[[ Versión en Español acá --->  Personalidad [Long wip] Nombre Humano: Raquel Aragón Hernández
Edad: 22 años
peso: 48 kilogramos
altura: 156 cm ( Le hice un poco más bajita porque busqué algo más y  el promedio NACIONAL  es de 155 lmao,mierda soy un gigante )
Maternal | Alegre | Amable | Paciente | Tradicional | carácter voluble | Compasiva |  Encantadora | Afable |Conservadora | Diplomática | multifacética | Indecisiva |Calmada | Generosa | Romántica | Humilde | Competitiva | testaruda |atlética | de carácter dramático | chismorrera | Olvidadiza | muy religiosa |protectora | Pacífica | Pasivo-Agresiva | Doble cara | Orgullosa | Formal |de muy buenos modales | Trabajadora | Femenina | Coqueta | desconfiada | obsesiva sobre la higiene personal | gran sensibilidad artística | empática | centrada en sí misma | Individualista | aprehensiva | Melancólica | bromista pesada | algo sexista | Cort

|Maternal | Cheerful | Friendly | Patient | Traditional | Compassionate | | Lovely | Affable | w/ voluble character| Conservative | Diplomatic  | indecisive | Calm | Generous | Romantic | Humble | Competitive | headstrong | athletic | dramatic character | gossiper | Forgetful | very religious | Protective | Pacific | Passive-Aggressive | Double face | Proud | Formal |w/ very good manners | Worker | flirter| suspicious | obsessive about personal hygiene | artistic sensitive | empathic | self-centered | Individualist | apprehensive | Melancholic | heavy joker  | somewhat sexist | excessively courteous

I buildt her to be a mix between the people temperament + the Government behavior with other nations.

Unlike other Latin American countries, Mexico is not a person who likes to say things to the face; Rachel prefers to avoid problems and conflicts with her great talent to convince. Cheerful and Friendly, always simple and keeping with great suspicion her humility known for millennia apparently under a mask of impenetrable integrity. Sometimes being double-sided, hiding what she really thinks about you, which obviously many people do not like.

With fairly traditional and conservative thoughts, Mexico is not the best friend of change or novelty.

Of slow and stunned responses reaching unhinge to any poor bastard who tries to make her take a hasty decision.

Modernity comes slow for her, almost always at the hands of a third person who will encourage her to make the change, and modernity that reaches her look suspicious and takes a while to adjust to it, but once accepted, it is absorbed and makes part of her, combining in a graceful way the past and the future, beautifully reflected in her cities, her people and government itself. (A good example would be the city of Mexico with the Aztec pyramids on one side and beautiful skyscrapers on the other).

Melancholic of her past, Vehement of her present and fearful of the future Raquel is not a woman that serves to plan, scared of tomorrow and of what will happen with an almost innate distrust for everything that happens around her, printed in her almost Japanese formality and courtesy to strangers. She is not a woman who likes to be the leader, as always tries to be liked by others, and prefers being the counselor or the right hand of the leader, happy to serve others rather than boss them. She has a very poor sense of time, usually unpunctual in almost everything.

Always kind and friendly, she likes social activities, enjoying a high popularity with those around (And those who are not), for better or for worse. Easily manipulable and with high empathy, Raquel sails with a flag of being a woman that ,towards a peaceful relationship comes to sacrifice her ego for someone she loves or respects, always keeping her emotional distance.

Despite looking like a woman who doesn’t suffer from loneliness and enjoys her juicy social life and popularity, there is nothing Mexico likes more than spending time with herself, calling herself "her best friend and enemy"; she is the only one who can see herself mourn, and the only one who knows her sins.

She tends to waste a lot of time worrying about nonsense, or in the past, living in a bubble built by her people and her rulers in turn under the romanticized idea of ​​the "magical past" that she used to have (and forgot she possessed for centuries). Lover of tequila and Mexican Hat Dance, Addicted to know herself, she tends to hindsight always looking inwards rather than outwards giving the impression (not wrong) of being too self-centered. She lives in love with herself but not with airs of grandeur, much less looking down upon others, but she tries to explain her complicated and sometimes contradictory existence in so many different shades of races, cultures and traditions that often live within her territory. A perfectionist to the extreme with herself, she always tries to refine her charms and exalt what she knows that people like about her, a young woman who sometimes forgets that no one can be perfect, sometimes denying her own shortcomings. Still, sometimes she forgets to learn from her mistakes committing them several times in a row due to her inability to properly impose.

Proud of who she is and with a great sense of humor she gets to laugh at her own misfortunes and situations, but only she is able to make fun of herself, as if someone else tries to wreck her image, with her pride and extreme nationalism supported by her own people she would turn into a rude creature, no one but her and her people are able to tell what is wrong in her.

Raquel as all Mexicans regardless of gender has a heavy sense of humor, likes to joke that may offend the sensibilities of others, white or innocent jokes do not make her some grace, and she prefers the more "spicy" whether black or racist jokes (their favorites are on Spaniards, Argentines, Americans and about herself) or fairly sexist jokes or explicit content. Her sense of humor is not understood (or esteemed) by everyone, but her friends know how to deal with her. For her it is normal to make fun of a situation or defect of her friends, but she never does it with a desire to hurt or insult, but it is common and completely natural in the society in which she operates and is able to laugh at herself or being indifferent if the person tries to insult back.

Despite the fact that her humor is not well understood, Raquel is a great comedian because of her charisma.

Despite being a rather demure miss in emotional expression Raquel tends to exaggerate the facts, always putting a Mexican seasoning to them: dramatic and almost novelistic which gets to drunk any listener like tequila, a great storyteller, effervescent fan of oral traditions and songs, legends and fables as The Whiny.

Soft-spoken and of exhalant maturity, which sounds a bit sharp because of the Mexican accent. Rachel talks slow but a lot; a woman who cannot keep quiet for long, she needs to communicate. But without fear of expressing her northern fortress can be loud, strong and a little bad-mouthed if she feels in familiarity.

She has a talent for the arts, being her country the leading exporter of cultural materials in Latin America and one of the top 10 worldwide, with great artistic sensitivity for painting (especially the murals) shaping her dreams and memories, music which projects her joys and sorrows through songs, sones and corridos, dance and film.

Great dancer but mostly singer, she makes her voice being heard internationally without much effort.

The people who get to meet her for the first time or who has only heard a little about Mexico calls her a friendly and affable woman always ready to lend a hand, delightfully interesting and almost as mystical as her land. Because under the skin lives a large canvas of different cultures, Mexico’s projected character is too volatile, reaching bother and taking things to heart very easily. One moment she can be happy and friendly and the other coarse and sharp after you've made ​​her feel insulted. Because of the culturally, socio-political and physical difference in different regions of her territory Raquel shows imbalance (natural and completely normal) in her expression, the example was given above with her changing voice (which could sound from a light and submissive southern whisper to a thunderous northern scream) getting to confuse her partner.

Due to her history and temperament of any Mexican woman, Raquel is a motherly woman, dependent and a little submissive. Flirty, feminine, romantic, devoted to people who she appreciates, turned toward her family, embracing the customs and traditions, and too much homely. With a mother and wife complex, loving and apprehensive, but unlike the rest of Latin American women, Mexican women are more serious and focused, and very little emotional compared to their Hispanic speaking sisters. She shows her large reserves of affection only to those she considers her family. With close friends she is friendly and cheerful, always supportive. With people she knows she is the same but loses that sense of familiarity becoming excessively formal and polite.

Because she was subject to the orders of Spanish rule Mexico had to take care of several other nations and states, thus developing a maternal feeling that spread not only to those who she cared of, but almost everything around her. Despite being highly dependent on some people, she appreciates individuality, caring little what happens outside her inner circle. Very competitive with what she considers herself "good" at (sports, music, dance, a big great etc.) but is very easily discouraged once she loses.

Raquel is very stubborn about what she thinks; you will hardly cause her to change her mind. That is why the time does not pass in Mexico, as people continue to believe passionately in what they say they believe.

  She is very proud, she will never ask you for help and will not accept it in a good way, on the contrary, she will feel offended.

She has a humble heart, hardly accepts a compliment and that can make her feel a bit uncomfortable if you decide to throw too many compliments, she will always deny them by telling something bad about her, feeling guilty of accepting. Which, still within her knows to be true and will thank you by throwing more compliments back, in Mexico it is completely natural and is part of the "morality" of which she is so obsessive. She's not materialistic at all, and usually is found in humanistic, ecological activities or helping her people. She is very religious getting to be easily offended if you dare to insult her beliefs.

Due to her historical situation, both the Mexican (or Latin American) woman like Raquel are submissive women who accept things as they are, struggling little to change their situation, unambitious and rather shy to take the first step if this means a risk this being said, with little own initiative. Pretty passive, they let time run off their hands and wait for someone to do things for them.

But thanks to their discrimination, Mexican women have developed a great sense of responsibility, loyalty and an iron patience, always consuming energy in daydreaming, thinking about the day that things change instead of doing something about it. But having taken the first step, they are unstoppable.

Despite what outsiders think, Mexican women (and therefore Raquel) are not weak in the least, by contrast, are quite stubborn women, they are the ones that keep alive the traditions and customs, which are able to maintain families together, which are the pillars of Mexican society and their historical importance has been somewhat overshadowed by machismo, yet have always been those who truly have the power, a very important example of how a woman is sacred in Mexico is Our Lady of Guadalupe, the greatest symbol of the Mexican-both nationally and internationally, mother of the nation and the only ruler who accepts all Mexicans, aptly named the empress of Mexico, and symbol of the struggle for independence.




Mexico, officially called the United Mexican States, is a country located in North America south of theUnited States and north of Belize and Guatemala. It has coastline along the Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico and it is considered the 13th largest country in the world based on area. Mexico is also the 11th most populous country in the world and it is a regional power for Latin America America with an economy that is strongly tied to that of the United States.


“Mexico, contrary to what most people think is not a desert or tropical country. Mexico is a country especially mountainous (almost every state has its own mountain range), The Mexican relief presents three main units: The biggest of all is the Mexican plateau, It occupies the entire northern part of the country,and it is an extension of the American central plains. This planteau has three parts: the northern planteau and the central Planteau. The plateau is framed by the east and west by two large mountain ranges that extend from north to south:.
The second biggest part is the neovolcanic axis, This cuts across the american mountainous structures address extending from west between the pacific ocean and Mexicos gulf .
Mexican rivers are unimportant. Destacable rivers are The Río Bravo in the north (which sets the US-Mexico Border), Panuco river, Papaloapán,Mezcalapa and Usumacinta with Grijalva rivers.”

Source: Gran Atlas Visual: Del cosmos, La Tierra y Mexico. ( In spanish) Page 52

• The main ethnic groups in Mexico are Indian-Spanish (Mestizo) 60%, Indian 30%, Caucasian 9%, other 1%
• The only official language in Mexico is Spanish
• Mexico's literacy rate is 91.4%
• The largest city in Mexico is Mexico City, followed by Ecatepec, Guadalajara, Puebla, Nezahualcóyotl and Monterrey. Note however that Ecatepec and Nezahualcóyotl are also suburbs of Mexico City.


Mexico’s history summarized:
Mexico’s history is divided in many sections to help people to learn it easier and faster.
Prehispanic Mexico
Unlike most people thinks, Mexico didn’t born in this part of the history. Actually before Hernan Cortez’ arrival to Mexico was inhabited by many small villages and just one big empire: The Aztec Empire.  The other biggest cultures died mysteriously before Hernan Cortez’ Arrival. The preshispanic Mexico’s representations are some powerful women and men.
The first important culture was the Olmec Culture. (1200-400 b.C) also known as “The mother culture”.
Representation :
She grew up Alone, because she was the first civilization in Mesoamerica, Not much is known about day she disappeared why? ..Nobody Knows. A Woman in her mid 40’s when she disappeared. Nobody knows much about her, she was sweet but everyone knew she was hiding something.

The Mayans with Palenque (400-800 b.C) until Chichen Itzá (900-1200 a.C)
Aunt Maya
The Mayans were and are one of the most important and famous Mexican prehispanic culture, they descendants still being alive in Yucatan, Quintana Roo and other places in the south of Mexico. They were one of the last cultures to being submitted by the Spaniards because some of them ran into the jungle, they were obligated to emigrate to the north to inhabit the northern states during the Porfiriato, also they were sold as slaves during this era.
Mayans’ representation is a mature woman with a poker face who never expressed any emotion on her face, Was a truly genius and spent most of the time investigating about everything, Mexico didn’t meet her at all, but Aztec did ( barely). Maya was the mother of some central American countries.
Teotihuacan (500-750 b.C)
Grandfather (?) Teotihuacan
This is one of the most mysterious cultures and cities , because no one knows what happened to them, one day they disappeared and nobody knew when or why (they say around the 900 a.C) This culture was a big inspiration for the Aztecs to form their culture. Aztecs thought this abandoned city was the city of the gods before they came. Also, Aztecs used the Teotihuacan’s god: Quetzalcoatl as their own god. Teotihuacan was really close to the Mayans and the Zapotecos.
Teotihuacan’s representation is a powerful and serious man who at first sign was in love with Maya. He disappeared before Mexico’s birth, He is the adoptive father of Aztec (According to her, because she didn’t meet him).

Chichimecas (????- ???? )
Aunt Chichimeca
The chichimecas were all of those indigenous people that lived in the north of Mexico’s valley to the South of the United states. They lived in the arid part of Mexico, they all were gatherers and wild hunters, and they were many different little villages and cultures named under one name because they all were “Savages” next to Mesoamericans cultures.
Representation : Aunt Chichimeca
Chichimec is the BIOLOGICAL big sister of Aztec, and of course a biological aunt for Mexico. *** She appears like an outgoing,wild,sadistic and war-lover strong woman with short reddish hair** who liked to hunt and being around everywhere. I need to highlight the fact that she was the last culture (s) to being submitted by the Spaniards, Spaniards recognized that those indigenous people were very tough and hardcore for them that was because the main characteristic on their culture was the Super appreciation of the meaning of the War. They preferred to die instead of being submitted. In addition, she was the last to die of course.  Mexico (formerly Tenochtitlan) met her really well but just after the Spaniards came, because her mother (The Aztec Empire) was ashamed of her and her savage past, so she didn’t recognize her as her sister.

*** Aztec people emigrated from the north, so they were Chichimecas before.
** chichimecan women could use short hair, and sometimes they liked to dye it red .

Toltec :
Aunt Toltec
The toltecs was a peaceful culture ( “peaceful” next to the warriors cultures) They were more interested in the architecture than the war.  There is no much information about them. They emigrated from the north (that means they were chichimecas too)
Toltec was a full woman in her mid 30’s, she was sweet and kind but she had her bad moments.
Another little sister of Chichimeca, and a Big sister to Azteca (and maybe, along with Teotihuacan, a formerly paternal figure to her).  Azteca admired her a lot, even more than Chichimeca because they were a “cultured” culture. 

Azteca Empire
Mama Azteca
The Aztecs were formerly another chichimeca’s little folk who emigrated from the north to Mexico’s valley. There is a lot of information about them so I don’t think I need to explain them a lot. They were the most important culture in Mexico because they were a mother culture for the Actual Mexico (Along with the Spanish culture ,this culture was the basis for the Mexican general culture and identity).  They were the biggest and most important empire in Mexico too, and when their main city fell (Tenochtitlan,A.K.A Mexico) the Spaniards won over every culture and formed the New Spain. Mexico is proud of the rich culture we inherited from them, for example: our national symbol came from them, is drawn on the flag (The eagle eating a snakeblablabal). Their language is still in use and is the most important indigenous language in Mexico.
Representation :
Mother Azteca was the biological mother of Mexico, (no one knows who’s her father or when did she born) A woman in her mid 20’s (around 25-27 years old) with black, long and straight hair. She started being just another little folk in the Chichimeca’s territory. One day her people decided to emigrate to the south, where she met Teotihuacan (or its ruins) Tolteca,Maya and her new neighbors. She started to build her empire when she was very Young, she grew up very fast so she kept the Childish attitude. She was formerly the Tenochtitlan City, but when she became an Empire she decided to name her daughter (Mexico) under the name of the City, and she came  to be called  as the Aztec Empire.
She was a nurturing but strict mother, she died after Mexico-Tenochtitlan’s fall in 1521 thanks to the Pox.

[[More history in the because it is too much History for one Drawing ]]

International Relationships: ((GONNA UPDATE...SOME DAY ))

(( want to help me with the relationship?? note me! uvu ))
 North America :
• United States of America | Alfred F. Jones • 
• Canada | Matthew Williams • 


• Cuba • :

• Puerto Rico • :

 Central America: 
• Belize | Costa Rica • :

• El Salvador | Guatemala | Honduras • :

• Nicaragua | Panama • :

 South America :

• Peru • :

• Argentina and Uruguay • :

• Brazil • :

• Chile • :

• Colombia and Venezuela • :


• Spain | Antonio Fernández Carriedo • :

• France | Francis Bonnefoy • :

• Germany | Ludwig • :

• Austria | Roderich Edelstein • :

• Belgium • :

• Hungary | Elisabetha Hedervary • :

• Italy | Feliciano und Lovino Vargas • :

• Netherlands • :

• United Kingdom | Arthur Kirkland • :

• Russia | Iván Braginski • :

• Turkey | Sadiq Adnaan • :

• Ukraine • :


• Middle east • ** :

• China | Wang Yao • :

• the Philippines • :

• Japan | Kiku Honda • 

• South Korea | Im Yong Soo • :

• Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia • :

• Malasya and Indonesia • :

 Africa | Oceania 

Headcanons about Raquel :
//I'll write them on a Journal.

Ohgod this going to be hard to do, but with lucky I'll finish it soon ;v; (as long as the school let me- )

*** NOTE: I said the Middle east because Mexico is not that close to them (along with Africa and Oceania) so, I just...summarized¡??? sorry If "Middle east" is a bad way to name those countries.

credits :

Mexico (c) Me.
Art (c) Me.
Template (c) :iconkamillyanna:
Hetalia (c) Hidekaz.

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omf /v\ Thank youuuu
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