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[[ Porfiriato]] Two faces of the same Country by NerdyJones [[ Porfiriato]] Two faces of the same Country by NerdyJones

No you can't use these headcanons with your uglee mexico ,sorry :iconpapmingplz:

El Porfiriato was a period of time that last 30 years, where Mexico had only one president, Porfirio Díaz. During the last part of the XIX century until 1910 when the Mexican revolution started.

 Since i am a little bit lazy at the moment, i just copy paste.

"The presidency of Porfirio Díaz is often remembered as a period of social degradation and oppression of freedoms in Mexico. His extensive thirty-five year virtual dictatorship brought about a great deal of hardship for the lower classes and an inequitable system of wealth distribution."

However, what is often overlooked or unaddressed are the immense economic and social benefits that were still brought about under his rule. Through massive infrastructural improvement programs, superb financial management, and an unrelenting desire to see the implementation of law and order, Porfirio Díaz brought much prosperity and stability to Mexico when it needed it most"

-Copypaste Finishes- 
Anyway, Mexico in that era was a two faced country ( I think still be--))
With the foreign and richest people, Mexico was a paradise, full of natural resources and economic stability. 
And here's where my headcanons start.
Porfirio was truly interested in Raquel's appeareance, after many wars, Raquel was truly tired and sick of her situation.
Porfirio, who is known as a great but strict Ruler  came to transform Mexico, he opened the markets to the foreigns, Mostly American, French and British capital. And turned Mexico city into the second paris, the city of lights. one of the best things he did was brought the railroad to Mexico.

It must be like "oh great, railroads, awesome" But actually, one of the biggest problems mexico had, was the terrible highway systems, since Mexico is full of sierras and mountains many states (usually the northern states like Chihuahua, for example) were isolated from each other, it was practically impossible to cross to Sinaloa from Durango. After the railroads the merchandises could travel faster and, before them, a small travel from Mexico City would last months, after the railroad, It would last some days or weeks. The economic situation got better with the time, and Raquel re-opened herself to the foreign touch.

Anyway, this progress was only for the rich people in Mexico, the poorest , were literally the same during the whole XIX century .
Porfirio Díaz, introduced the French fashion in mexico, and, some books says that if you walked around Mexico city you'd think you're in France, the bourgeoisie looked exactly like the French did. Mexico city was a cultural center, but also a poverty center, you could walk around and see the huge bridge between two social classes, the poor and the rich, there was no in between.

Porfirio Díaz was very interested in making Mexico a organized and advanced country, he gave his best face to the foreigns ,who, obviously when they came to mexico they were very impressed of the Country's condition, but the true was, that he just hide the situation.
When someone important came, he ordered that every homeless and poor person in the city that was walking around must be in the jail until they left the city.

Now, about the drawing.
Yeah Raquel has a lifeless ,blank stare.
Raquel (The one in the left) was forced to wear and act in the french way, she even needed to learn how to speak french and english. 
she had to ignore her people, and please the 
bourgeoisie, that was full of foreigns. When someone visited her ,
they said she looked bright and lively, but the truth was other.

The one in the left represents 'El maquillaje Porfiriato " ( Porfirian Make up) , the simulation , the arty mask, and the false abundance she had to pretend.

The other Raquel, in the right, She's wearing the Porifiriato Militar/Police uniform.
this one, was the mask she had to wear with her people. the face of the dictatorship, the crude and sadistic injustice. 
She had to punish her people, just for being poor. the cruel soldier, the merciless face of the Porfirian order.

 When there was no important person visiting, this was her daily situation.

El Porfiriato is a very important part of the Mexican history, It is also full of controversy, Was the Porfiriato, a good or a bad period?
No one had the right answer.

Mexico / Raquel Aragón Hernández (c) Me 

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Learning algo nuevo e intenso con Jones, like una clase de historia. Y tu investigación y dibujo. <3
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